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Research Areas in Open Government                                                       79  80

The domain of Open and Collaborative Governance (OCG) constitutes a multi-disciplinary scientific area, aiming to support administrations in structuring policy and delivering high quality services towards citizens and businesses in an open, collaborative way.  Embracing topics such as e-Government, e-Governance, e-Participation, policy modelling and collective awareness, OCG models and practices constitute a new way of governance for administrations at any level, internationally.



The main research areas in Open Government are as follows:

  • Model Based-Governance (Policy modelling; Societal Simulation)
  • Participative Governance (New models for public dialogue and decision making; Opinion mining and sentiment analysis)
  • Data-powered collective intelligence (Open and linked, static and dynamic data; Personalisation, Search and Visualisation)
  • Government Service Utility (Cloud infrastructures, Interoperability, Identity and Trust; New targets for service execution [1-stop, 1-second, 1-cent]; Service co-creation by citizens and enterprises)












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