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  • Teachers' Testimonials for opengov2016


Dr Johann Höchtl, Krems University, Austria, says: "OpenGov2016 Summer School provide a perfect opportunity to get to know current developments in the domain of ICT application to modernize governance and share ideas with like experts. The focus is laid on the immediate applicability of ideas. It is likely to arrive with an idea, partner with experts and depart with a concrete project idea and consortium. The open end friendly environment, combined with Greek spirit, contributes to a truly unique experience I wouldn't miss."


Dr Euripidis N. LoukisAssociate Professor, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean, says: "Samos Summit and Summer School 2016 gave us the opportunity, in the beautiful environment of a wonderful island, with sun and blue sea around us, in a friendly and inspiring atmoshpere, to be exposed to the most challenging new ideas on ICT-enabled Governance, concerning new innovative ways of exploiting ICT in government agencies and modern cities. It was a pleasure listening to new ideas, discussing them with scientists of all levels (undergraduate students, postgraduate students, doctoral students, postdoctoral students, researchers, professors, public servants, etc.), exchanging views, and making plans for future research collaborations."



  • Students' Testimonials for opengov2016


Elisa Lopez-AlvaradoProgram Officer at the Freedom House (Washington DC) for Latin America & Caribbean, says:"Thank you for everything I had a great time with you guys:) all the best in your research and in future conferences!!!! The opengov2016 enriched my vision of e-governance on the ICT perspective, allowed me to see the current research areas and challenges on this important topic, and also was a great opportunity to make friends, share different points of views, and enjoy beautiful summer days on an incredible island." 

Konstantinos Vogiatzis, civil servant at Greek Ministry of Justice, says:"The Samos 2016 Summit was a unique and  wonderful experience because it has given me the opportunity to learn interesting thinks from reputable and recognized scientists of the ICT scientific field, taking my knowledge to a higher level".
Giannis Konstantinidis, Postgratuate student, University of Aegean, says: "The International Summer School on Open & Collaborative Governance gives students an opportunity to increase their awareness of the best practices in that domain, as well as to further improve their perception of how modern services should be (re)designed. It was my pleasure to attend for the second consecutive year." 


Ignatidou Symela RafailiaUndergraduate Student in University of Aegean, says: "Attending 4th Samos Summit and Summer School on Open and Collaborative Governance was a beautiful experience, it gave me the opportunity to meet new people and exchange interesting ideas which will be very helpful to my future plans."


Lachana Zoe, Undergraduate Student, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, says: "Open and Collaborative Gov was a great experience and an outstanding conference. It was a premier destination for learning about ICT's utility in order to create a smart city. I can clearly see now that i've made the proper choice to continue my studies on e-Gov. Definetely recommend it to anyone."


Loutsaris Michalis-Avgerinos, Undergraduate Student, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean, says:"These five full of knowledge days were extremely beneficial for me. Taught me a lot about smart cities and open data. Now i feel ready for my postgraduate studies on digital innovation and entrepreneurship. A must-attend event."


Lampros AntoniosUndergraduate Student, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, says:"The summer school helped me expand my knowledge in eGovernance, find out about new emerging technology's in ICT and meet new people."



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